H-IB & H-2B Visas Deadline

H-IB & H-2B Visas Deadline

Important reminder to employers:

Under present U.S. law, the Guam & C.N.M.I., DEADLINE to apply for New Petitions or Extentions of H-IB & H-2B Visas is December 31, 2014!

If want to bring keep professionals and skilled workers from foreign countries in Guam and the business, YOU MUST APPLY NOW!

The attorneys at Baumann. Xu ate to help! in the complex and changing U.S. immigration System,
including applications for and extensions of H-1B and H-2B Visas

We’ll help hire retain YOUR business needs before visa programs needs to succeed before these visa programs expire.

Unless the law is hanged by Congress. the deadline is December 31, 2014.  See us now for an appointment.