The Firm

Baumann, Xu & Black, LLC is a full-service law firm with a specialty in U.S. immigration and related business matters in Guam and the CNMI.

Our attorneys have the skills and experience to navigate the complicated U.S. immigration system, which is constantly subject changing. We help clients at every stage of the immigration processes and court proceedings.

We work as a team to develop winning strategies in immigration matters important to our wide array of clients ranging from individual petitioners to large corporations. Our team includes four attorneys, paralegals and other support staff.  Together we provide expertise in all nuanced areas of immigration law and related business matters.

Our policy is to put the clients’ interests first and use our skills as a team to obtain the best results in their cases. We take pride in giving close, personal attention to every client. We offer easy access to each attorney for advice, and we do our best to answer all questions diligently.

Our services include, but are not limited to:


  • Citizenship and Naturalization
  • Student Visas
  • Visitor Visas
  • Humanitarian Nonimmigrant Visas
  • Asylum
  • Removal Defense and Criminal Issues
  • Special Immigrant Petitions


  • Marriage and Immediate Relative Petitions
  • Other Family Petitions
  • Fiancé Visas
  • Adoption and Orphan Petitions
  • Humanitarian Reinstatement
  • Derivative Nonimmigrant Visas (H-4, L-2, F-2, R-2, etc.)


  • Non-immigrant Visas
    • H1-Bs
    • H2-Bs
    • H3-s
    • L Visas
    • E Visas
    • P & O Visas
    • R Visas
    • CW Visas
  • Immigrant Visas
    • First Preference (EB1) – Multinational Executives and Managers, Persons of Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Professors and Researches
    • Second Preference (EB2) – Members of Professions Holding Advance Degrees, Persons of Exceptional Ability
    • Third Preference (EB3) – Professionals, Skilled and Other workers
    • Fourth Preference (EB4) – Religious Workers, Other Special Immigrants
    • Fifth Preference (EB-5) immigrant visas for investors
    • Permanent Labor Certifications


  • Business Related Services
    • Business Entity Formation
    • Business and Contractor’s Licensing
    • Contract Preparation and Review
    • Real Property Transaction
    • Sales and Purchases of Businesses
  • Family Related Services
    • Consent Divorces
    • Guardianships
    • Name Changes
    • Adoptions
    • Wills and Probate
    • Prenuptial Agreements

Our office is in the U.S. Territory of Guam, neighboring the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). Both Guam and the CNMI are covered by the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). However, there are many unique regulations, policies and procedures that apply only to this region. Our law firm is among the first to know of changes in immigration laws as they relate to Guam and the CNMI, and we are quick to adapt strategies for our clients.

Our goal is to provide timely and accurate advice to help our clients enter and stay in the United States.

To reach the law firm of Baumann, Xu and Black, call 1 – (671) 477 – 9084 or click on “Get Consultation Now” for our e-mail addresses and office hours. We’ll schedule an appointment with you to discuss your immigration concerns.


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Ladd A. Baumann

Founder and Senior Partner


Shane F. T. Black



Nelson J. Xu



Mark E. Kondas


Why choose BX&B?

There are many unique laws, rules and regulations concerning the U.S. immigration system which apply only to Guam and the CNMI.  That is why it’s important to be represented by an attorney who is well-acquainted with American immigration laws and those that uniquely apply in this region.  Attorneys at Baumann, Xu & Black are admitted to practice in the jurisdictions of Guam and the CNMI, and they have more than 40 years of shared experience in immigration law.  They are experts you can trust.